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Notes about the Activity
Adventure Golf


Similar to crazy golf, an interesting 18 holes of challenges to get a hole in one!
Arts, Crafts & Hobbies none We do all of these (some are listed below!)
Badminton 10 and over An indoor form of tennis played with a shuttle and lighter highly strung racket.
Band 9 and over Marching Band - drums & trumpets & glockenspiels
Chess and Draughts none Some of our popular "mind games"
Cricket none Indoors or Outdoors! We all love to play it!
Cross-Country Running 10 and over We usually enter the local county competitions!
Junior Camp Juniors only Subject to staff availability and child behaviour.
Senior Camp Year 7 and over Stedfast Camp for Seniors aged 11+
Canoeing 10 and over Specialist training and equipment provided
Dragon Boat Racing 10 and over Specialist training and equipment contracted out
Drill & Marching none A team activity to encourage working together, esprit de corps, self-discipline and self-respect!
Expeditions 11 and over Progresses for D of E Award
Football none Various types of football games played indoors and out
Handball none A very popular game with all of our members!
Hockey (Unihoc) none Various skills levels for every Company member!
KWICK Cricket none A popular indoor game of cricket that has many different rules!
Model Railways 10 and over Wednesday Club, once a month for railway enthusiasts!
Night Hiking 8 and over Junior & Senior events through the year
Orienteering 9 and over Map reading and running to complete an over ground course.
Parachute Games (indoor) none We have two real parachutes to play games with!
Park Equipment (swings, roundabouts etc.) 5 and over We often take Anchors & Juniors to the local parks when the weather is good!
Pool 8 and over One of our Club activities.
Rock Climbing 10 and over Specialist equipment and training provided
Rowing to be decided Our new activity for 2008!
Rounders none A popular summer activity
Sailing 8 and over Subject to availability
Scrambling 10 and over Sometimes included with rock climbing
Skittle-ball none A popular indoor game for all members!
Sleepovers 8 and over Once or twice a year
Snooker 8 and over A popular game using 5 of our tables!
Sports and Games none Included in the BB Programme
Swimming 8 and over Local pool use or seaside
Table Tennis 8 and over A popular game with our two tables!
Team Games none Games involving 100% team participation!
Tennis (Hard Court) 10 and over A summer activity at B&NES Lawns in the Park
Touch Rugby (indoor) none A new game to be introduced in 2009
Volleyball 8 and over Net height restricts certain participants

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