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Activities in the 2nd Bath BB

This page gives an overview of some of the activities (sports, games, adventure) that we provide for our membership!

You will notice that some age restrictions will apply to some activities due to insurance requirements.
Some sporting and adventurous activities involve RISK and may involve extra cost. Some of those activities require special parental consent forms.

Boys will not be permitted to take part in activities that their parents exclude them from (on the special consent form).

Each activity is risk-assessed and staffed by suitably qualified members of staff. For adventurous activities it should be realised that there is an element of RISK.

Parents are asked, in some cases involving distance, to assist with transportation to and from events.
All Boys are always to be on their best behaviour.

Boys will be excluded from some activities if they are not behaved or if they do not act sensibly or responsibly.

We try and encourage all of our members to take part in our activities should they have any ability problems.

If suitable equipment or apparatus not be available for any activity, it is regretted that for health and safety reasons, they will not be able to join in - though we shall try our best to ensure that everyone is accommodated.

Some activities are seasonal and also depend on the availabilities of the instructors. The 2nd Bath owns a large proportion of equipment which helps reduce the cost.

There may also be some reasons why certain activities may not be provided each year - this may be due to the amount of time that's available and also that the Staff and Instructors have their own lives to lead at home!

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