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Definition: "Battalion" - A group of 4 Companies or more

At one moment in history there were over 400 BB Boys in the City of Bath aged between 13 and 18 years old. Before WW2 the starting age for The Boys’ Brigade was 13.

To remain a member of the BB a Boy was expected to have at least 98% attendance on their Company weekday meetings and 98% attendance at Bible Class at their Church on Sunday mornings.

The Bath Battalion dissolved during the early part of the 20th Century for reasons unknown (probably because, with the aftermath of The Great War, wearing uniforms became unpopular) – history can only tell us when the Companies were formed, closed and reformed during the last 100-or-so years.

With the advent of war in 1940, many BB Officers who worked in the Admiralty in London were posted to Bath and subsequently formed Companies. As you can see from the details below, Companies that closed in the 1920’s or earlier were either reformed in existing Churches or were reformed in other Churches in Bath and the outlaying District. Thus, the Bath & District Council was formed on 23rd May 1940, comprising Companies in Bath (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th), Trowbridge (1st & 2nd), Corsham, Chippenham, Devizes and Farmborough under the Chairmanship of the Rev. N. Page of Oldfield Park Methodist Church.

The Council spanned a period of 10-13 years, which later became the Wiltshire & East Somerset Group (now Wiltshire Battalion) and the Somerset Battalion, each having their own histories to tell.


1st Bath Company: (closed)

St Paul's Parish Church (BATH ABBEY) (1892-1897) - Captain: Mr. William Williams
Oldfield Park Wesleyan Sunday school (1902-1906) - Captain: Mr. Frank Meredith
West Twerton Baptist Church (1927-1928) - Captain: Mr. James Trop
St Paul's Church (BATH ABBEY) (1937-1940) - Captain: Rev. G. Royden Greening.
(There were moves to restart the Company at BATH ABBEY and it is believed that the BB met there although the Company was not re-formed).

2nd Bath Company: (open)
St Mark's Church (Lyncombe Vale) (1892-1896) - Captain: Mr. Thomas W. Smith
Oldfield Park Methodist Church (1940-1967) - Captain: Mr. W. A. Goddard (later: Mr. Ken Dangerfield, Mr. Cyril Prout, Mr. G E Flint)
Weston Platoon: Weston Free Church (Moravian) (1958-1967) - Captain designate: Rev. Ben Muncaster.
(3rd Bath [Weston] Platoon was staffed by: S/Sgt Rodney Slip, S/Sgt Lance Gibson, S/Sgt John Dyer, S/Sgt Ralph Hill, Keith Miles & Graham Slip)
Hay Hill Platoon: Hay Hill Baptist Church (1943-1950)
Southdown Platoon: Cennick Memorial Moravian Church (1972-1977) - Rev Paul Gubi, Mr. Peter G. Fitch
Weston Free Church (Moravian) (1967-present date) - Captain: Mr. G E (Ted) Flint (later: Mr. Peter G. Fitch)

3rd Bath Company: (closed)
Walcot Parish Church (1892-1897) - Captain: Rev. Richard Heywood
Widcombe Parish Church (1941-1950) - Captain: Mr. Percy Frederick Mepham.

4th Bath Company: (closed)
YMCA Jubilee Hall, Broad Street (1892-1909) - Captain: Dr. William Mc D. Ellis.
Larkhall Congregational Church (1913-1915) - Captain: Mr. Herbert George Price
Claremont Methodist Church (1945 - date not known) - Captain: Mr. Jim Garraway
West Twerton Baptist Church (1940-1944) - Captain Rev. Selwyn Marlow BA

5th Bath Company: (closed)
Bath Abbey & St James' Church (1892-1897) - Captain: Mr. Alfred H Fawcitt.
Twiverton (Twerton) Moravian Church (1907-1911) - Captain: Rev. Norman Farquhar (later: Mr Robert Sessions).
New King Street Methodist Church (1911-1943) - Captain: Mr. Robert Sessions (later: Mr. Cyril V. Prout, later: Mr. N. Long)
(The Company closed in 1943 as the Church was destroyed by the wartime Baedekker Raids.)
6th Bath Company: (closed)
St Mary's Parish Church, Bathwick (1892-1898) - Captain: Mr. Harvey Brown

7th Bath Company: (closed)
Widcombe Parish Church (1895-1897) – Captain: Rev. E. S. Field

1st Peasedown St. John Company: (closed)
Peasedown Methodist Church (1945-1947) - Captain - ?

1st Corsham Company: (closed)
Corsham Baptist Church (1940-1945) – Captain: Mr. F. Watkins

1st Chippenham Company: (closed)
Parish Church (1940-1967) – Captain: Mr. J. Phillips

2nd Chippenham Company: (closed)
St Andrew's Church (Dates not known)

1st Devizes Company: (closed)
New Baptist Church, Sheep Street, Devizes (1940-1994) – Captain: Mr. Stan Archard (later: Mr. Bob Hill)

1st Frome Life Boy Team: (closed)
Frome URC (closed in approx. 1954 due to lack of leaders. A BB Company couldn't be formed because of this).

1st Farmbrorugh Company: (closed)
Zion Methodist Church (1943-1944)
All Saints Church (1944-45) – Captain: Mr. R. Sands

1st Trowbridge Company: (closed)
Wesley Road Methodist Church (1942-199?) – Captain: Mr. S. Boulter (later Mr. Jack Wrightson).

2nd Trowbridge Company: (closed)
Tabernacle Congregational Church (1940-2012) – Captain: Mr. Frank Hiscocks. (later: Miss Amanda Tucker)

1st Warminster Company: (closed)
Warminster Methodist Church (1940-??) – Captain: Mr. H. G. Brown

1st Wells Company: (closed 2012)
Wells Methodist Church (other details not yet known)

Later Companies:
2nd Devizes Company: (closed)
St Andrews (Rowde) Parish Church (1994-2006) – Captain: Mr. Bob Hill (later: Mr. Ian Hughes)

1st Keynsham Company: (closed)
Victoria (& Queens Road) Methodist Church (19??-2007) – Captains: Mr. Mike Barrow, Mr. Simon Barrow

1st Midsomer Norton: (closed)
Welton Baptist Church (1960-1964) – Captain: Mr. L. Maisey
Midsomer Norton Methodist Church (1998-2005) – Captain: Mr. E M Jakins

1st Paulton Company: (closed)
Paulton Methodist Church (1975-1985) – Captain: Mr. John Hansford

1st Radstock Company: (closed)
Radstock Methodist Church (2006-2010) – Captain: Mr. Ian Albrow

1st Timsbury Company: (closed)
Tabor Independent Methodist Church (1964-1971) – Captain: Mr. David Attwell

There is also unsubstantiated information about BB Companies that formed in the John Cennick Memorial Moravian Church, Weston All Saints Church and Christ Church in the early 1900's. It is possible that they were "pilot" Companies that were never registered with BB HQ.

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