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Assessor Tips

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Assessor tips
You should remember that assessors and instructors on DoE DO NOT GET PAID. Yes that’s right, they do it for fun. No, really! This means that although they will often approach you through the mist and howling rain with a huge demented cheesy grin, they’ll try and minimise their own discomfort. Because they’re enthusiasts, this can often be by using more spangly kit than you (they’re grown ups/students with loans so they can afford it, although not always justify it!) but also due to the fact that because they’ve done it a few times before, they might have some novel ideas.

If you carry things that absolutely-positively CANNOT get wet (some assessors carry down jackets for emergency use in KISUs/tents) then an
Ortleib DaySack is the only thing that will do. These are fairly pricey and perhaps not worth it for casual expeditions unless you plan to carry on in the outdoors but will last for years and can survive prolonged complete submersion.

Think a Drysac is overkill? It may well be. Still want to keep a fresh, clean pair of super-emergency socks completely dry? Take a clean pair to your local butchers/supermarkets/food pubs and sweet-talk someone into vacuum packing them for you. Tasty.

Duck Tape can fix almost everything, including broken rucksacks. Not a permenant solution, but it might save you a bit of misery getting to the minibus ontime with a broken shoulder strap etc. Relective duck tape is absolutely genius for sticking on things you want to see in the dark, but again is quite expensive and hard to find.

Do not buy a rucksack that is too big! Chances are you’ll fill it with junk. Try and get some experience with loaned rucksacks before you opt to buy your own. ALWAYS try them on in the shop with a load of heavy stuff in. If the shop staff aren’t helpful when you ask to do this, walk out and don’t buy anything from them. (Admittedly difficult when the height of local outdoor-shop-zen is the mighty Haverfordwest Millets…)
The best advice is to talk, ask stupid questions, COMMUNICATE with your assessor/leader/supervisor and see what they have to say.

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