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Challenge Plus

Seniors - Age 11-19 > Badges

What is Challenge Plus?
Challenge Plus is an exciting programme for leaders working with 15 to 18 year olds, giving resources to meet the needs of young people.

What will Challenge Plus provide?
The Challenge Plus Programme provides:
Fully resourced Projects with tips and ideas for delivery
Flexibility of working in age groups or all ages together

  • A wide range of activities
  • A series of challenge cards
  • Faith development resources
  • New award scheme
  • New volunteering award
  • Links with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

What's in the pack?
Your programme pack will contain:
3 sections including:
Information - this will guide you through how to use the pack, including programme planning, entitlements, rules and regulations and administration including record keeping.
Projects - fully resourced project outlines with tips and ideas for delivery.
Challenges - task objectives with tips and ideas for implementation.
Awards - how the award scheme recognises young people's achievements including how to gain the Queen's Badge and information on the new Volunteering Awards.

How does the programme work?
The Challenge Plus programme is split into Projects and Challenges as follows:
Projects will include taster activities that will be short sessions to act as an introduction to a project. There will then be resourced ideas on how the Project could be carried out.

The projects are grouped into 3 programme zones:

Life Skills
Recreation & Leisure.
Each Project has objectives, will provide resourced project outlines with tips and ideas for delivery may be split into sub activities and will provide information on how to take Projects further, including websites, books and other resources.

Challenges are focussed on activities that could be completed by the group or as an individual ranging from Climb a Munro to something very different Review a local takeaway meal. Each Challenge will be accompanied by ideas on how the challenge could be carried out and health & safety guidance.

Does the programme link in with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award?
The Projects that are resourced in the programme link to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme file for Service, Skills, Expedition or Physical to encourage increased use of the DEA.

What about the award scheme?
The Award scheme consists of gaining a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award each session recognising the level of points a young person achieves.

How are awards recognised?
There are three levels of achievement every year . . .

  • 10 points for Bronze
  • 20 points for Silver
  • 30 points for Gold

How are points accumulated?
Points are accumulated from gaining 5 points for each Project and 1 point for each Challenge completed.

A young person would not need to complete the same number of points each year, so could gain a Gold award in year 1, Silver award in year 2 and a Gold Award in year 3.

What's the Young Volunteer Award?
Young Volunteer Award recognises the volunteering which a young person completes during their time in the Seniors from year 5 up until the end of year 7. This also extends through the age of 25 for Leaders. A log of hours could be made to record the young persons volunteering, which could be spread across a range of different types of volunteering.

There are
3 awards which could be gained including a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award.

50 hour and 100 hour awards will be recognised by the presentation of a Bronze and Silver Certificate respectively. The 200 hour award will be recognised by the presentation of a certificate and a badge.

Young people would be able to record their progress and something about their experiences in their Handbook, building their very own record of achievement.

Young Volunteer Award can work alongside volunteering completed for the Queen's Badge, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and also volunteering outside the BB Company and Church.

What about the BB's highest Award?
The Queen's Badge is the highest award that may be gained by a member of The Boys' Brigade and its Girls' Association. It aims to challenge and equip the individual, provide new opportunities and expand horizons while remaining accessible to Candidates of all abilities.

A Queen's Badge Record Book is available for particpants to record their activities and experiences.

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