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Child Protection


Child Protection Policy Statement

Please note that the 2nd Bath BB is registered with ChildSafe!
 (this conforms with the Moravian Church and The Boys' Brigade Child Protection Policies)

A "child" is described as a person who has not yet reached his/her 18th Birthday.

Ref A: Weston Free Church (Moravian) Child Protection Policy (subject to annual review).
Ref B: The Boys' Brigade Child Protection Statement (GDPR).
Ref C: The Boys' Brigade Safety Handbook (revised 2010)

a) All BB Companies operate within each Church, Christian organisation or school that chooses to have the BB as it's Christian Uniformed Youth Organisation. The Boys' Brigade is the premier worldwide Uniformed Christian Youth Organisation.

b) All Officers and Leaders are appointed by "the Church" which, for 2nd Bath, is the Weston Free Church (Moravian) after undergoing local checks and interviews. This is followed by an additional check at County level (Somerset) and another at National level (BBHQ).

c) Helpers are registered but are not allowed to work unsupervised with young people. NCOs (Boys 14 years and over) are appointed by the Company Captain and work under supervision with an Officer.

d) ALL Officers and Instructors are legally registered as youth leaders with The Boys' Brigade and legally have DBS certified checks to Enhanced Disclosure level. These checks are subject to annual review and last a period of 5 years before renewal. The nature of the DBS check is to allow staff to work with young people in The Boys' Brigade - even for activities in which they may be in a position to work alone.

e) Any Child Protection complaint or issue is to be discussed with the Company Captain and/ or Chaplain as a confidential matter which will be investigated as necessary.

f) With our Staff either being members or adherents to "the Church" and after undergoing FOUR separate checks (including DBS) before receiving an appointment, we endeavour to provide the best character references for our Leaders with an aim to discourage "opportunists" who may try to deceive their way in as a youth leader.

g) Only BB (and GB on some occasions) are allowed on the premises if they are known to the Company Staff. They may be allowed entry if they have
specific duties to perform, such as instruction, but must be escorted at all times.

h) Persons
not known to the Company Staff who are not Registered BB Leaders or DBS checked are not allowed entry to the premises that the Boys are using on their meeting nights. Persons holding keys to the Church are not permitted entry to the premises at any time during BB meetings (see below regarding "lettings") and will be asked to leave.

i) When making
bookings for Church lettings that coincide with BB Meetings, the Church must adhere to it's own Child Protection Policy, as it would be a valid Risk that persons may be or have been child abuse offenders. It is the duty of all Adult Leaders to ensure that the Company's and Church Child Protection Policy is adhered to at all times and is to ensure that the BB Meetings are treated the same as any other letting that involves the use of the premises by vulnerable children and young people.

j) Toilet and Changing facilities are seperate for Boys and Adult Leaders. Specific Toilets and Rooms are assigned for those purposes.

k) The BB provides a "
safe place" for children and young people to enjoy their activities.

01 September 2018

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