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It is a legal requirement that all children (up to 16 years) wear seatbelts and that young children are required to use appropriate seating.

Please note that the Operator does not provide baby carriers, child seats or booster cushions.

If your group is a voluntary child care organisation and your driver (either paid or unpaid) is likely to have substantial unsupervised access to children whilst driving the minibus (i.e. you will not be providing at least one other adult passenger), you are to request the Criminal Record Office to provide your Organisation with information about that person under the Criminal Conviction Information DBS Scheme.

With effect from 18th September 2006 the Department for Transport introduced new car seat regulations. The Community Transport Association advises us that these regulations do NOT currently apply to minibuses. The minibus seat belts are "all age" and can be adjusted for child and adult sizes.

Remember that young children are required to use appropriate seating and it is the
Driver's legal responsibility to ensure that they do and to ensure that they are wearing properly adjusted seat belts.

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