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Site Policy

Site Content

  • All site content is copyright of The Boys' Brigade, 2nd Bath Company.
  • All articles and linked articles are with consent where copyright is in existence.


  • All photographs where externally provided are published with the copyright owner's consent.
  • Stock photographs are copyright owned by The Boys' Brigade, 2nd Bath Company and may be acquired from the public domain or may have been purchased through stock photography vendors on CD or DVD.
  • Photographs of members of The 2nd Bath Company, past or present, are copyright of The Boys' Brigade, 2nd Bath Company and, if provided by photographers who are not connected to the 2nd Bath Company, will have deemed transfer of copyright for publication on this web site or printed form.
  • Some photos may be "stock" from sources such as Facebook r Photobucket, etc.
  • All other photographs published on this web site have been provided ex-gratis by the photographer (otherwise known as the "copyright holder") with copyright transferred to the owner of this web site.
  • Photographs on this web site do not contain meta-tags showing the name of the photographer and date of photograph.

Other Images

  • Please note that, although not required, permission has been given by the parents or guardians of members, past, present (and future) for photographs containing images of their children or young people, to be published on this web site or other publication (including other web sites, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, posters and notice-boards).
  • Clip Art and Graphics may be used from Freeware or Shareware sources and are free from copyright.
  • Images containing The Boys' Brigade logo's, uniform, badges and BB Clip Art are the Intellectual Property of The Boys' Brigade and for the purpose of this web site are vested in the 2nd Bath Company.

Audio Files

  • There may be some audio clips available from this web site which are Open Source and available in the Public Domain. The 2nd Bath Company reserves the right to publish them on this site.
  • Other MPEG and MP3 files that open on launching some web pages are freely available in the Public Domain which may be published here.
  • Source meta-tags showing web site names and original filenames will not we shown on this web site.

Web Design

  • Images used for web design purposes are either Open Source or are the copyright of Basilcat Web Solutions.
  • Errors and Omissions are accepted.


  • This web site does not subscribe to leeching but may contain hyperlinks to other web sites.
  • Leeching is prevented at our server-end to prevent leeching.

User Interaction with THIS web site
Whilst Image and Audio files are available on this web site, access is by user interaction that is dependant (but not limited to) on the following legally purchased (or Open Source) software loaded on a PC or Hand Held Device:

  • Operating System
  • Web Browser
  • Audio/ Visual Software
  • Video Software
  • Clip Art Viewer
  • Computer Hardware

It is not within the scope of this web site to authorise the use of any of the above Computer Applications, Systems, Services and associated Hardware, although this web site will make content available for use.

In any unlikely event, please report any unintended infringement of Copyright to the webmaster.

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