COSTS as at Jan 21 - 2nd Bath Boys' Brigade & Girls' Association

2nd Bath Company - Weston Free Church (Moravian)
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Basic Costs - Membership & Uniform
Annual Membership Fees
These are paid Annually and are dependent on when a members parents have completed a JOINING FORM or an ANNUAL INFORMATION FORM. All fees are to be provided with the completed and signed forms.

The fees vary between Groups and, for 2021-2022, the fees will be:
Anchor & Junior Groups - £60.00 (Sep-Dec 21), £45.00 (Jan-Mar 22), £30.00 (Apr-Jul 22)
Other Groups - £80.00 (Sep-Dec 21), £65.00 (Jan-Mar 22), £40.00 (Apr-Jul 22)

Uniforms & Badges

We do carry a small stock of new and used uniforms with us.

Members will need to have the following at Average Costs in brackets
  • a navy blue Polo Shirt (£11-14)
  • a Sweat Shirt
    • Red for Anchors (£11-14)
    • Royal Blue for Juniors (£13-15)
    • Navy Blue for Seniors (£14-16)
  • an Armband for Badges (£5)

Some good, used items are in stock at an average price of £6.00 per item.

Payment is to be made with the order, using the form available.
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