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What is Discover?
Discover is the programme for those aged between 11 and 15.

What areas does Discover contain?
Discover is about more than gaining badges and provides you with the means to plan a whole programme whether or not your young people decide to try and gain an award. It's divided into three programme zones (each sub-divided into various topics) and a balanced programme draws content from each. Zones are the basic structure of the Discover programme and help group topics together, as well as provide variety in the programme.

The main zones are listed below:
This zone gives opportunity to learn about and make a difference to the world around us.

This zone gives opportunity to be adventurous and develop confidence through an active and healthy lifestyle.

This zone gives opportunity to learn new skills and display creativity.

There are two further zones entitled
Faith and Extras.
These complement the three programme zones and provide additional materials for devotions and lots more.

What about the award scheme?
The Discover programme has an award scheme which provides young people with recognition for their participation in the programme. The award scheme explains how achievement and participation within each area is recognised and how badges are awarded. To gain major awards young people have to be involved in all programme zones.

There is an introductory award - the
Compass Badge awarded during the 1st year in the section. To gain the award a young person has to gain points from the programme. This provides an early opportunity to recognise what a young person has achieved.

There are three badges recognising participation in the Discover Programme; Community, Recreation and Skills. Each badge is gained by accumulating points from each zone (to gain 1 point the young person has to take part in one hour's activity on a chosen topic). There are 4 levels of each of the Community, Recreation and Skills badges, one for each year of the programme. The highest level of each badge will be worn on the armband by the young person. To gain a complete level of badges each year, a young person would have to get 24 points by completing topics within the programme zones (please read the 'awards' section of the Discover Programme Pack fro full details on the awards).

There are also 2 higher awards available to young people, the
Discovery Badge (awarded from year 2) and President's Badge (awarded from year 4) which also require points to be accumulated from the programme, but have additional elements which will add to the programme offered.

A young persons handbook entitled 'The I-File' is available to accompany the programme.

Why has the Discover Programme been developed?
Each week The Boys' Brigade works with thousands of young people, many of whom have no other connection with the church. The Discover Programme has been developed to help leaders in their work with young people aged between 11 and 15 in a creative and relevant way. We hope it will help you to be a bridge into your local community that can often be difficult for churches to access.

The Discover Programme resources groups and leaders to:
... provide a fun, balanced, and challenging programme
... recognise young people for their effort and achievement
... build trusting relationships with young people
We hope through this programme you will be able to make a positive contribution to a young person's life and be able to share your faith in a meaningful way.

Why do young people come to BB?
Before we even started writing any of the activities in Discover we carried out a survey with young people from BB throughout the UK.

What we found out was very interesting...
... badges were really important. 74% of young people enjoyed the fact that their achievements wererecognised in this way.
... young people came to BB to have fun (34%) and be with friends (29%).

What should young people expect?
Following these values, when a young person becomes a member of the BB they are entitled...
... to experience new challenges.
To develop and use existing skills, to learn new skills, to develop confidence, to have a sense of achievement and receive recognition.

... to be listened to and have a say.
To have their opinions listened to and acted upon wherever possible.

... to be respected and valued.
To be trusted and given responsibility, to be treated as you would like to be treated, to experience a safe environment, to be individually appreciated, to have the opportunity to be part of the wider community.

... to have fun.
To be able to come to BB because they enjoy it and want to.

... to have the opportunity to develop a personal Christian faith.
To be able to explore their own faith, at their own speed, in a way that is approachable and meets their individual needs.

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