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Before driving the minibus you need to be aware of the following:

driver of the minibus is personally responsible for its roadworthiness irrespective of its Annual Service and MOT. For this reason it is essential that there is a proper vehicle maintenance system in operation and that certain basic checks are made before each journey begins. If there appear to be any faults which might affect the passengers’ safety, then the vehicle should not be used until they are all remedied.

Driver checks should include:

  • Small Bus Permit displayed on windscreen
  • Fuel level
  • Oil level
  • Tyres in good condition
  • Windscreen wipers/ washers working
  • Lights/brake lights working
  • Indicators working
  • Brakes (hand and pedal) working
  • Fire extinguisher ( Extinguishers should comply with BS 5432 with a minimum test rating of 8A or 21B and should contain water or foam or halon 1301 or 1211).
  • Paperwork (insurance, driving licence)
  • Seatbelts working properly
  • Mobile phone available (Driver's own)
  • Fully stocked first aid kit containing as a minimum : 10 foil packed antiseptic wipes; 1 conforming disposable bandage (7.5+ cm wide); triangular bandages; 1 packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings; 3 large sterile unmedicated ambulance dressings (15 x 20 cm or more); 2 sterile eye pads and attachments; 12 assorted safety pins; 1 pair rustproof blunt-ended scissors; Sterile gloves and mouth masks.

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