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Drumming Workshop

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Drumming Workshops

We can teach Anchor Boys (for ages 7-8) and older Boys to play a full-size (adult) drum kit.

This is not easy! It requires immense concentration together with good eye, hand, arm, leg and foot co-ordination! Not easy for a 7 year old beginner to do!

Music is a prominent feature of The Boys' Brigade and tuition and instruction is provided FREE!

Each workshop allocates time to Boys and, to begin with, boys may pair for 20-25 minute Sessions. This allows both Boys to gain experience and watch what each other is doing; looking at what's difficult and the best way to play!

Boys need to get to know the drums, cymbals and sounds in order to create good rythmns to their own personal preference; to improvise whilst keeping good time and fluidity when playing.

This takes time and effort!

Boys will experience an amount of aches and pains when practising and also on the next day! This is not easy.

We hope to have further worshops during the year. This will be on MONDAY evenings from 7.30pm-8pm.


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