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Activity Based Awards
The BB has an fantastic award scheme, second-to-none, that is based on
personal achievement.

It is
activity based and, for Anchor and Junior Sections, is embedded into the regular weekly programme of activities!

This means that by taking an active part in all of the programmed activities, all Boys should manage to gain all of their awards according to their age and ability! Non-participation sadly does not mean that a Boy can gain an award for doing nothing!

Old Award Scheme
Seniors can take advantage of the season-based programme in order to gain the required number of Credits to gain each badge. Boys need at least two credits to gain a badge. A first advanced credit RED FLASH  is gained by completing another two activity credits according to the badge; a second-advanced credit BLUE FLASH is gained by completed a further single credit according to the badge.

Target Badges (one and two) are awarded to Boys in their first year by completing a range of different subjects in two 3-month periods!

There is a wide variety in every activity topic to ensure that somewhere along the line, a Boy will find an activity that he likes and will gain a credit for!

New Award Scheme

The new Seniors Activity Scheme was introduced in 2007 and is attractive for young people in the 21st Century. Please look for more information on this web site!

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