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(APRIL 2017)

1. The Minibus has COMPREHENSIVE insurance as arranged by the 2nd Bath Company Captain (The Operator).

2. Please note that
the driver and Passengers are covered by the insurance provided whereas any towed trailer is only 3rd Party covered. Insurance for luggage is at the discretion of the hirer.

Loss of Key - the charge to replace an electronic key will be 250.00.

4. Insurance cover may be invalidated if any of the information contained on the
2nd Bath Company Minibus driver registration form is subsequently found to be false or inaccurate. Any material changes to the information on a driver's licence must be notified to the Operator before that person next drives the minibus. Similarly, should a driver have an accident whilst driving any motor vehicle after his/her name is entered on the 2nd Bath Company Minibus Register of Drivers that fact must be disclosed to the Operator before that person next drives the Minibus.

5. The
Operator reserves the right to remove a person from the Register of Drivers if that person is involved in a serious own-fault accident or if that person has more than one minor own-fault accident in any 12 month period. In all such cases, the Operator shall be the sole arbiter when determining whether an accident is serious or of a minor nature.

6. On certain circumstances,
the Operator may, at his discretion, accept a driver who has unspent endorsements on his/her licence. However any additional excess that may be charged by the insurers will be payable by the hirer, should a claim arise.

7. In the event of an accident, the hirer will be liable for the insurance excess payable of 250.00.

8. A
conditional returnable deposit of 250.00 is required to be paid at the time of making a booking to cover Insurance Excess. Any charges will be deducted from this amount (see Para 7 above).

Accident caused by driver error: In the event that the accident was caused by the driver, the driver will be liable for the insurance excess of 250 who will also compensate the 2nd Bath Company to the amount of 150 to cover insurance policy increase upon renewal.

10. The minibus must not be used for the carriage of goods. A roof rack is not fitted to the bus but a luggage cage may be made available for the sacrifice of the single rear seat.

11. Should a driver provide false or inaccurate information at the time of registering with the 2nd Bath Company, and insurance cover is consequently invalidated,
the Operator reserves the right to take legal action against the relevant parties.

12. Drivers must notify the
Operator of any changes in the circumstances relating to their driving licence (including changes in health) that occur after they have completed the insurance form.

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