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Letterboxing on Dartmoor is a pastime that can be enjoyed by anyone, and simply involves finding a hidden box containing a stamp and a notebook whilst walking

What is a Letterbox?

Letterboxing is like going on a Treasure Hunt!

Simply a letterbox is a small box hidden in a particular place on Dartmoor, which enables people to prove they've been there by signing the book, and stamping their own book. It is also a very entertaining way to explorer regions of Dartmoor, and is a pastime that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. It is the searching for the boxes, and the walking in fantastic scenery that appeals to people

A letterbox contains typically a rubber stamp to mark your own book with, and a notebook to leave a message or, (as most people do nowadays), stamp with your own rubber stamp. Sometimes there will be an inkpad within the box, but this is a rarity.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with the most common being and old army amunition tin, closely followed by a tupperware container. However the Army is keen for the use of the Amunition tins to be phased out in the interests of safety. (They use parts of Dartmoor to practise, and do not want people to get used to picking up these types of cotainers, especially if there is ammo in there!)

There are many different types, with the majority being in the same hiding place all of the time. However there are boxes that move around and can be anywhere on the moor. There are also aprasite boxes which attach themselves to another box in it's hiding place until someone moves it to another box's hiding place.

For more information go to http://www.plympton.info/dartmoor/dartinfo.html

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