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We have a number of silver medals missing that are owned by the 2nd Bath Company.

Both medals have been missing for some time (over 5 years) and are presumed to be lost or stolen, resulting from a move of the Company from Oldfield Park in 1964 to Weston. The transfer of the Company in 1896 from St Mark's Church to Oldfield Park in 1897 resulted in some items being mislaid or retained ( but not returned ) by some of the staff of the Company.

These are
a) A company challenge medal, circa post 1890, engraved "2nd Bath Company" silver with silver bar. The colour of the ribbon is likely to be red, blue or a combination of royal colours.

a) A silver squad medal, circa pre-1926 (badge without cross on anchor) on a blue ribbon. The bar is engraved "2nd Bath Company".


The colours (flag) of the Bath Battalion have been missing since the 1940's and were presumed to be laid up in one of the Churches in Bath.

Claremont Methodist Church was likely, though it is possible that they were laid up in New King Street Methodist Church which was destroyed by the Baedekker Raids in Bath during World War 2.

If anyone knows where those colours are, please contact us as soon as possible.

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