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Juniors - Years 4-6 > Junior Activities

Juniors (aged 8-11) meet on Mondays and/or Fridys from 6-7.30pm for a great programme of activities! Boys can meet on either day or on BOTH days but please ley us know!

If your child is musical and wants to learn to play a musical instrument, Band Practise is on Friday evenings with the Seniors! Tuition is provided at no extra cost! We have a wide range of musical instruments!

Those aged from 8 to 11 will be able to enjoy evenings of quick activities that include

  • Self-Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Music
  • Skills
  • Scripture & Bible Knowledge
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Games
  • Swimming
  • Arts & Crafts

Our members have the opportunity to win 5 high quality metal/ enamel Badges during their time in BB Juniors!

To qualify for a service award, members will also need to have a good attendance out of our 5 Church Parades a year.

As we are a uniformed Christian organisation, our members are to have a smart turnout in their casual uniform at all meetings.

We also ask our members to be punctual, with regular attendance on all of our Friday evening meetings.

All children from whatever religious or non-religious background are welcome to join us! We ask for good behaviour at all times and that Boys are attentive to the instructions given for games, skills and activities.

Why not come and see us this week?

Come on and join in with the games and fun, friendship and the activities we provide - for only 60 a year - that is LESS THAN 1 a week!

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