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Annual Membership Fees

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The annual membership fee for 2018-19 is:

ANCHOR BOYS & JUNIORS....= 60.00 (in 2018-19)
SENIORS...............................= 60.00 (in 2018-19)

Payment is required at the end of the FIRST four weeks please.
Please tell us if there is any difficulty paying as we may be able to help.
Additional siblings membership fees are 30 each.


  • Payment is due at any week in September.
  • Payment can be either in CASH or by CHEQUE payable to "THE BOYS' BRIGADE".
  • Payment for other things, like Uniform or Camp can be by the above method.


  • Annual Consent Forms are required to be completed and given to the Captain on the FIRST night.
  • The membership fee is required to be paid in full by the new joiner's THIRD meeting.
  • Depending which month in the Session new members join, the Captain will tell you what the fee is.


  • Donations to our Church for heating and lighting is about 500 per year.
  • Subsidising activities like Tennis and Adventure Golf.
  • Insurance for our members amounts to 700 per year.
  • Annual Trophies are approximately 90 per year.
  • Special Awards - Presidents & Queen's Badges cost about 25 each.
  • Diesel for minibus works out at 30.00 per month.
  • Art & Craft Materials are about 100 per year.
  • Sports Equipment is about another 100 per year.
  • Badges for Anchors, Juniors & Seniors are about 1.20 each - about 160.00 per year.
  • Maintenance of Band Equipment is very low at about 50 per year.

We (the Officers) find ways of finding money for our activities by applying for grants! Otherwise we couldn't do all of the many excitingly adventurous activities - sailing, canoeing, rowing, rock climbing, camping, expeditions, trips....
Other equipment, like canoes and climbing equipment is found by grant applications.
Computer equipment is funded through grant applications.

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