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1. It is worth enquiring with DVLA if your
organisation needs a Small Bus Permit as we operate under the terms of Section 19 of the Road Traffic Act. Minibus permits are available from DVLA or through your organisation's Administration Department.

  • This Permit is required by law to be displayed on the windscreen of the minibus during your use.
  • The Premit must be removed after your journey to be retained by your until you next use any minibus.
  • The Operator has a Small Bus Permit that covers transporting local non-profit organisations.

2. Details of the journey, post code, date and timings must be provided in advance to the Operator.

3. The Operator will need a full list of passenger names for outward and inward journeys on the day of travel.

4. With
children and vulnerable persons, a named Responsible Adult must be on the bus. Adults traveling with children MUST have a valid DBS certificate appropriate to their orgamisation.

6. A summary of costs and donations are detailed below:

  • Booking Donation– £8.00
  • Meal fee should the driver require breakfast, lunch or dinner – £7 for breakfast and £10 for lunch/dinner
  • Minimum Donation – £5 per hour
  • Parking Fees / Toll Bridge Fees, etc. must be paid by the organisation at the time
  • Full Tank of Diesel on return (fill-up in Bath)

Other expenses:

  • Cleaning (if the inside is dirty) - £15.00
  • Hand wash (if the outside is dirty) - £15.00
  • Damage to vehicle (inside and out) - £250.00 (vehicle to be inspected before use)

Now, please make a "Minibus & Driver Booking Enquiry" - click here
(this is an enquiry only and does not signify a booking has been made)

For further finer details, email the Operator at pete@bathbb.org.uk or phone 01225-429359.

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