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Personal Equipment

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It's always best if you own your own equipment:


  • Keep the weight down to a minimum
  • Take essentials only
  • Check items off on your own personal checklist
  • Keep food down to a minimum - use dehydrated if possible
  • check your equipment to see that it's functional
  • make sure your tent is waterproof and not perished

Cooking Equipment:
Stove (gas, solid or liquid fuel)
Cooking Pans (lightweight, compact set)
Water Bottle
Cooking Oil/ Lard (it's amazing how many forget this!)

Personal Equipment:
Rucksack (from a camping shop) - take your membership card and get discount from Oswald Bailey!
Kendal Mint Cake and/or chocolate and boiled sweets (keep in fridge!)
Torch & spare batteries (test before you go!), string or cord
Compass, Map Case & Pencil and OS Map of expedition (as advised by expedition organiser)
Small personal radio (as small as possible) and earphones
First Aid Kit
Sleeping Bag (lightweight for Summer and/or Winter use)
Stout walking
boots or walking shoes
Sewing Kit
Mobile Phone
Cotton Shirt
Windcheater jacket
Hat & Sunglasses
Spare clothing & underwear
Washing Kit (+ small towel, wash cloth, soap in case) + compact toothbrush and paste

Tent (2 or 3-man, suitable for camping environment)
Spare tent pegs
Groundsheet (if needed)
Storm guy ropes (if needed)

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