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Playing at Events

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Our Band is probably the oldest Marching Band in Somerset, formed in 1941 and playing continuous ever since!

We are happy to play at most events as long as we have AT LEAST three months notice prior to the event.

Our bandsmen decide which events they are able to support as some of the older members and staff may need to take time off of weekend employment or may need to defer other family life activities!


  • Please give us at least 3 months prior notice.
  • Please put your request in writing to 56 Eastfield Avenue, Bath BA1 4HJ or, better still, send us an email. We promise a reply within 2 weeks.
  • Please state the type of event, location, duration of play.
  • Please say what the sponsoring organisation, school, charity is and confirm they have 3rd Party Insurance Liability for the event and the NAME and PHONE NUMBER of the "responsible person" in charge of the event.
  • As there will be some costs incurred by us for transport, we would appreciate a minimum 50 donation to "The Boys' Brigade" which will offset some of our costs


  • Please make sure that the "responsible person" or his/her representative is there to welcome us.
  • Please make sure that there are refreshments provided to our Bandsmen, including sandwiches and cake, as many will not have had the chance to grab something!
  • Please make sure that car park space is reserved for one minibus and 2 cars.
  • Please reserve some storage space at your event for our Band Instruments when not in use and that the reserved space is secure.


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