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The 2nd Bath Company follows the rules set out in The Boys' Brigade Safety Handbook which are mandatory for all BB Companies.

Risk Assessments
Are carried out for all activities. The RA's need can be as detailed according to the activity.

More detailed RA's are required for:

  • Camping
  • Expeditions
  • Water Activities
  • Overnight Stays
  • Residential Events
  • Mountaineering
  • Rock Climbing

Standard RA's cover all activities on the Company's premises and comply with the RA of the Moravian Church for their property.

Externally Provided Activities
For activities provided by the local authority leisure centre, swimming pool, climbing wall, etc. RA's are provided and should legally be available to all users. They are to provide the necessary Duty of Care for their customers and are required to provide First Aid and Rest facilities.

For activities provided by other Boys' Brigade Companies and facilities used at other Church buildings, the RA's followed will be those particular to that building and/ or BB Company.

First Aid
A First Aid and Eyewash Centre is available in our Headquarters building - Weston Free Church (Moravian).
Most of our Leaders have First Aid at Work training and/ or St John Ambulance certificates.

The First Aid equipment is regularly checked and has and easily breakable seal that will detect tampering or use.

The Company keeps an Accident Book and records any accident or injury and notifies BB Headquarters Insurance Department within 7 days, using a special form provided by our insurers.

The Boys' Brigade provides personal and 3rd party liability insurance for all of its Leaders, Instructors, Helpers and Members.

Anyone providing instruction to the Company is covered by our insurers.

Hazardous Activities
We are insured for hazardous activities excluding Parachuting, Ballooning, Gliding and anything involving AIR travel.

We accept that some activities may involve fire and water, such as cooking on lightweight camps and canoeing and those Risks are taken into account during the activity supervision by the Leader or Instructor.

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