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Using the Towbar

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This minibus is fitted with a ball towbar.

If you wish to drive a minibus with a trailer attached you should first seek training in how to drive safely when towing. Towing a trailer requires training - particularly in the art of reversing.

Your driving license has to permit you to tow a trailer of any description before you can legally tow.

A trailer should not cause the vehicle's Gross Train Weight to be exceeded. This is the maximum weight allowed for the minibus and its load, together with the trailer and its load and it represents the effective limit of the minibus braking system.

Further restrictions exist depending on whether using a braked or unbraked trailer with one or more axles. In addition, the tow bar fixing point and the strength of the trailer coupling will have maximum capabilities. Your trailer supplier should be able to make this clear.

Luggage needs to be positioned around the centre of the trailer. On some trailers, there is a manual load-operating valve, which adjusts the brake setting.

With the trailer in position and loaded it must still be possible to open the rear doors and exit from the vehicle.

The tow bar
should not be used without the prior consent of the Operator.

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