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What's the Young Volunteer Award?
Young Volunteer Award recognises the volunteering which young person completes during their time in the Seniors from year 5 up until the end of year 7 and extends through the age of 25. A log of hours could be made to record the young persons volunteering, which could be spread across a range of different types of volunteering.

There are
3 awards which could be gained including a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award.

50 hour and 100 hour awards will be recognised by the presentation of a Bronze and Silver Certificate respectively. The 200 hour award will be recognised by the presentation of a certificate and a badge.

Young people would be able to record their progress and something about their experiences in their Handbook, building their very own record of achievement.

Young Volunteer Award can work alongside volunteering completed for the Queen's Badge, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and also volunteering outside the BB Company and Church.

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