AWARDS - 2nd Bath Boys' Brigade & Girls' Association

2nd Bath Company - Weston Free Church (Moravian)
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Awards & Badges
So many things to do! Weeknights and some Weekends!
Exploring the environment
Our members have the opportunity of exploring and discovering that which is near to home and places that are further away. We have the expertise to do this and offer a number of activities to do this. Unfortunately this may incur extra cost but we'll give you plenty of notice.
Let's Get Creative
There is lots of opportunity to discover just how creative you can be! Anything from Art & Craft, Music & Mime, Coloring & Painting, Model Railway design and build to learning to play a musical instrument - such as a snare drum! We also have Trumpets, Xylophones, Saxophones, Trombones and a variety of drums! Give it a go! See what you can do!
Sports & Games
Indoors & Outdoors
Have lots of energy to get rid of? Join in the indoor and outdoor Sports and Games! Indoor Hockey and Dodgeball are two of our favourites, though we play many more and enter in Competitions with other BB Units in Somerset and the rest of the UK. We try and keep costs down when traveling and usually expect a contribution towards transport costs!
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