COVID-19 - 2nd Bath Boys' Brigade & Girls' Association

2nd Bath Company - Weston Free Church (Moravian)
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New Coronavirus restrictions in England
The recent UK Government announcement of tiers means that there are some extra movement restrictions in place in Bath.  We will be following BBHQ and the National Youth Agency guidance to ensure all of our Company activities are safe and secure..

Some things to remember:
Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms MUST NOT attend any face-to-face activities and should follow government guidelines on self-isolation and testing.  This also applies to those that are self-isolating due to having been, or potentially been, in contact with somebody with COVID-19 symptoms.

Please continue to observe good hand hygiene at home.  We will require everybody to wash their hands on arrival and before departure.  We will also build hand hygiene breaks into our evening as appropriate.  Soap and water will be provided, as will alcohol based hand sanitiser.

All of our staff and members aged 11 or over will be required to wear their face mask or covering whilst indoors at BB meetings (unless an exemption applies).

We will be following current government guidelines on social distancing, which means that everybody should stay at least 2 metres apart at all times.

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