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Cookie Policy
Our website uses files known as “cookies” to enhance the use of the site. Cookies are small files that
may be placed by a website on a user’s PC. They are used to store information that may be needed while
browsing the site, or on a future visit. This may include personal data, or anonymous information such as
previously visited pages.

Use of Google Analytics
We use Goggle Analytics to track the usage of the site in order to improve the quality of the user
Google Analytics collects the following types of information from users:
• Type of user agent (web browser) used, software manufacture and version number.
• Type of operating system
• Screen colours (colour processing ability of the users screen)
• Javascript support
• Flash version
• Screen resolution
• Network location and IP address
• Can include town/city, county, region, country, or any other geographic data.
• Hostname
• Bandwidth (internet connection speed)
• Time of visit
• Pages visited
• Time spent on each page of the website
• Referring site statistics
• The website (URL) the user came through in order to arrive at this website (example:
clicking on a hyperlink from that took the user to this website)
• Search engine query used (example: typing in a phrase into a search engine like Google,
and clicking on a link from that search engine)

This data is only used to optimise our website for our visitors.
This data DOES NOT include any personalised identification information such as:
• Names
• Contact Details
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